If your water heater suffers from frequent breakdowns or is simply too old to provide your family with enough hot water on a daily basis, it may be time to consider a replacement. While homeowners have many options, propane is an efficient alternative to oil and electric models that many families might prefer. Here are a few reasons to consider propane delivery from a heating service for your new water heater.

Why Propane Water Heaters Are a Superior Choice
1. High Efficiency
An efficient device expends less energy to provide your home with what you need. A water heater that depends on propane delivery will warm the water faster than electric models. As a result, you can use a smaller tank to provide your home with a sufficient supply without using up too much energy. It heats the water only when you need it so that there’s always enough available for any area of the house.

2. Significant Savings
Middlesex County, CT propane deliveryAccording to the United States Department of Energy, your water heater consumes at least 18% of your home’s total energy use. Although reducing how much hot water you use is one way to lower those costs, it’s far easier to invest in a propane water heater that provides on-demand water throughout the house. Your only investments are the unit itself and subsequent propane delivery orders.

3. Safe Alternative
The stability of a propane tank is also something to consider. They’re less likely to puncture than a standard gas tank, and because the substance is non-toxic it’s not likely to cause a fire. Even if your tank leaks, the liquid will simply vaporize in the air. Strict regulations require that the naturally odorless substance contain a smell so that you can detect a leak if one is present. This is generally a strong, sulfuric odor.

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